Give Peace a Chance..

Don’t remove the eye for dust

The Rusty Quill


August 26, 13 News headlines:

The United States considered options on Saturday for possible military strike on Syria in response to the nerve gas attack that killed many Syrians.

Iran warned against a possible strike on Syria, saying such a move could be regionally destabilizing.

Russia and China warned that strikes on Syria based on supposed evidence of WMDs risked repeating the mistake the United States made in Iraq in 2003.

Hezbollah’s missiles are ready to strike Tel Aviv if any strike on Syria is made.

Israel warned that it would retaliate if it were hit.

“ all we are saying is give peace a chance…”


Perhaps the best time to go to the streets and sing the famous John Lennon song is now. The song that familiarized it self into the brains of many people who believed war is never the answer.

 I’m sure most of you…

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