Honour The Commitment You Make to Yourself

Inspirational Daily

If we look at the lives of saints and gurus we find one quality that was critical to their success. The quality that set them apart was a diligent commitment to their life’s goals. The secret to success is to stick to your goal through rain or shine, through smooth or rough waters. This is true whether we wish to attain a spiritual goal or a worldly achievement.

Even people who attained worldly goals in the fields of sports, the sciences, or the arts have accomplished wonders through their commitment. In this connection, let me narrate an anecdote from the life of Rabindranath Tagore. He established Shantiniktetan and would work hard there every day.

Once, Mahatma Gandhi was visiting him there; he had gone there to give a public talk. Afterwards, he spent time with Tagore, discussing topics of interest to them both. Following lunch, Gandhi went to take rest…

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