Acceptance, Living in the True Self

Wildflower Women

While in our false-self state of awareness, we tend to focus on material things. We fantasize that if we had the right job, a great relationship, and enough money, life would be perfect. Ironically, the fulfillment of that “perfect-life” fantasy in reality has nothing to do with the outer world. 

Fulfillment is found in the contentment and joy we experience when we are living in the true self, irrespective of external conditions. 

~ John-Roger

Big thoughts to be confronted with first thing in the morning, however, they resounded loudly in my mind and made me personally want to put pen to paper to get down some thoughts about this place of inauthenticity that I most certainly have stood in, and I suspect many have visited.  

After becoming a widow and fighting through some ugly estate matters that took some years to settle, I found myself always worrying about money.

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