Almighty power roar’s a reminder….as the autumn leaves swirl in the winds of our minds….


~Symbolic Butterfly of The Ying and Yang of Life~

~Symbolic butterfly~

~Photoshop By G.Roberts~

please forgive me….

Butterfly symbols keep popping into mind

and everywhere i look i somehow seek to find.

Now summer is slowly fading away,

each leaf grasping on tight, as the autumn breeze whistles by.

Now no butterfly in  in sight, only the flutter of a butterfly mind.

The seasons are changing,

systems re-arranging.

Death approaches in wait for Spring and Re-birth.

To Begin.

The cycle of the Mother Earth.

The Universe,

Turn in turn,

The full moon has passed,

Thunder rolls across the skies,lightning pierces upon daylights’ eyes.

Almighty power roar’s a reminder,

not leaving us questioning, yet knowing in doubt.

That we are in awe of natures animosity,

in powers there be, such stronger than thee,

The process flows like water in rivers through blood in our veins,

the autumn leaves swirl in the winds of our minds,

…until Christmas decorations glisten in our…

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