“Uncle Police Officer take me home, I want to go home”-A kidnapped child’s plea to a Police Officer.

Samina's Forum for police support

(This post is dedicated to the memory of Anna who was just three years old when she was kidnapped and killed by strangers. Her sister a ten-year old (who was also kidnapped with Anna) escaped to tell Anna’s story.)

Through the cracks in the door and walls,

I try to look for my defender around.

My vision is blurry,

and I hear no sound.

Dear Police Officer, I am all alone,

Please come I want to go home,

Please take me home,

to my beautiful home.

Uncle Police Officer take me,

to my mother, and to my father.

My captors give me nothing to eat,

to my sorrow and my grief.

 I cry alone and my body aches,

when they call my name I tremble and shake.

I meet people I have never seen or known,

They hurt me for reasons unknown.

I am too weak and frail,

My short…

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