I write, write, write, write

shehanne moore

write, write, write, sometimes the whole day through. To write, write, write, write, write, write, write, is what I liked to do.With a pen….With a pen… With a pen. Oh, come on, join in, second chorus now. Bring on the bit of welly.

I was very nervous, the only time my older daughter came mountaining with us. I mean there she was all geared up, as you can see of her in this picture….

 …ambling round the supermarket, getting her stock, to lug up some mountain. What did I take?  I could tell she was sort of shocked when I said oh, some tear off bread and a bottle of water.  What about first aid kits? And maps? (Maps, excuse me, I may look as if I am studying one here, it’s a hundred percent certain, it’s upside down.)


Oh…and rehydration drinks? And all? Nah, nah, I still…

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