Three. . Two. . .One. . . .Blast Off !



On November 5, 2013, India became a member of an elite group of countries US, Russia, China, and Japan sending rockets to  Mars to explore the many  question of  the “Red Planet.”The Indian ship, Mangalyaan which means “Mars Craft” in Hindi will travel 485 million miles over 300 days to reach orbit around Mars in September 2014. The mission is to discover details of the surface, minerals in the soil,  and atmosphere of the Red Planet.  The aerospace engineers in India were very excited at the flawless lift-off with the constraints they had with a slight 5 minute window to lift-off! This is the first Indian orbiter sent to Mars and  another significant detail is the cost of $80 million dollar which is much less than earlier missions launched by other countries.


India has a long history with interest in the science of astronomy and later astrology. The first text…

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