The Sparrow and the Wink of God

Lessons and Moments of Life - Don Carnagey~Lanier

Have you ever had God wink at you? I have and you have too but you probably did not even notice.

I was driving home from work the other day and was listening to the song “Lost in the Wilderness” from the musical Children of Eden. In the song, Cain expresses to Abel his loss of faith in God because they are in the wilderness, not the garden. sparrowAs I pulled into my driveway Cain sang, “Don’t you ever watch the eagle fly to the sun and wonder how he got to be so free?”

At that moment, perched on my daughter’s car front of me, was a small sparrow. It was just standing there looking around, as if it were taking in the beauty of the day. The bird was not rushing off somewhere. For a couple of minutes it just stood there, and I sat in my…

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One thought on “The Sparrow and the Wink of God

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