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Flowers-Audrey Briggs

58 Day Dreams

I took this picture while I was waiting for my car to get washed. A little tiny bit of nature, hidden within the city 🙂

అసలు టపాను చూడండి


Happy Perspectives (Haiku)


Subjective thinking
And wrong interpretations
Can cause much upset

Why not think again
Take the altitude view for
Happy perspectives

Happiness is a question of perspective - Glück... Happiness is a question of perspective – Glück ist eine Frage der Perspektive (Photo credit: alles-schlumpf)

అసలు టపాను చూడండి



With all the money in the world
Somethings are not for sale
Good manners, morals and respect
Are free – no cash entailed!

Then character and common sense
Sit past the bankers door
Lest trust, patience, integrity
No charge for rich or poor

And then there’s love with no set price
Not to be bought or sold
For all these things you cannot buy
Just learn, uplift, behold!

Virtue Virtue (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

అసలు టపాను చూడండి

All This is Happening



Consciousness is key – please enjoy:

1st Density b

Imagine a dot: 1

2nd Density

Now, imagine another dot, and draw a line from one dot to the other: 2

3rd Density

Now imagine that the line is the shadow of a needle: 3

 4th Density

 Now, place a tiny flee on your needle,

and let him go for a walk around the needle,

 – It takes a little time: 4


Now remind yourself that all this is happening in your imagination: 5

You have just experienced dimensions one to five.

One double musical helix for Tappas 2spotty

“Work appears when the worker is ready”.

Let us be in the service of our beloved sisters and brothers,

that God will open the closed gates,

placing us at the exact position where required hands lack.

André Luiz

Namaste, and peace, from Amras.

Artwork ©Francis Moloney.

అసలు టపాను చూడండి