Practicing the Art of Zen

cacophonous chaos

Teacher as Transformer

Susan Auld wrote this informative poem about life’s busyness in the digital age. Time challenges me daily and it is hard to keep pace and leave comments that are deep enough to celebrate the wonderful blogs I follow.

I try living in the moment as the poem suggests. This is a great challenge, but the idea is meditation is the practice we need for life to be lived fully. It is in life that we need to be present. As I rise from the meditation, I hope to do so with a clearer mind and catch a glimpse, now and then, of the rose opening. Even an occasional glimpse rewards me with the universe’s miracles.

how can I be in the present

when I need two hands to twitter and tweet

when world events are everywhere all the time

above   below   under   inside   outside

slithering through

ear buds   flat screens  …

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