Young ‘n artful Dušan Krtolica

wonderful boy

the Hunt for Truth


Serbian artist Dušan Krtolica just might be the next big child prodigy. This 11-year-old is a master artist, drawing a wide array of anatomically correct flora and fauna with a level of mastery that is far beyond his years. Krtolica has been drawing since he was two years old and obviously hasn’t looked back since. By the time he was eight years old Krtolica had already had two national solo exhibitions – something that many perfectly capable adult artists cannot claim.




The young prodigy clearly has a strong fascination, as the majority of his beautiful drawings are saturated with countless different species of every plant and animal under the sun. Like many boys his age, he is also fascinated by dinosaurs and other extinct species, so he doesn’t just limit his zoological artistic adventures to living creatures – ancient flightless birds and early mammals also populate his beautiful landscapes.


Given his fascination with…

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