This is what the death of a close friend taught me about life

I will try my best to work on the promises I make to myself for the sake of people I love and those who love me,

The IDEA Bucket

He was a good friend who knew my shortcomings and strengths as I knew his. He made me laugh. He supported me. He guided me through my rants on my difficult days. He took my side against his brother. He was going to be my future brother, too. He passed away last night at age 26 leaving us all shattered.

I still cannot comprehend the sudden turn of events. A healthy young man with a great job suddenly falling in to a dark abyss of a strange physical condition leading into a physiological one quickly spiraling into something dark and indecipherable, changing the course of events for people close to him when it was time for him to reap the fruits of hard work and to start out in life. I am glad that he probably didn’t know he was leaving. Before his heart rate started plummeting and he was…

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