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Madam Butterfly,

drawn by sweetly scented flowers,
bearing scars of battles won.
Beetles drink the nectar too,
and the garden hums,
with the thrum of life.
Cheers to you from The Holler garden~

అసలు టపాను చూడండి

Every Waking Breath

Poems, Melodies, and Me

Someone Like You

-A haiku-

Since the day you said

the words, my every waking

breath is just for you.

అసలు టపాను చూడండి

Ajay, The Golden Heart


Another soul traveled ahead of us all.

Ajay, we will miss you! May you find peace to where you are headed.

Let’s remember him, an inspiring blogger, our friend.


అసలు టపాను చూడండి

Jo’s Monday Walk: Trail Walking

The World Is a Book...

pink-bee -post 4


While I was taking a walk, this butterfly was happily flying in front of me and beside me for a little while.

As I was walking on the trail by myself, we both kind of enjoyed each other’s  company. 🙂  It then decided to land here and there that gave me a couple of minutes to capture a few pics.


Walked a little further, I saw these bees were working pretty hard…

 red & bee

pink-bee -6yellow and bee-1

trail Here you see a path of the trail.

walking-logoTake a walk with Jo and see her stunning photos.

Hope you are having a great day 🙂

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