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Ohhhhh, These jokes they send on WhatsApp…!





Mixed with the sand
Fresh raw rice
Left in oven to expand

Its puffed POPRICE
For Indian villager, a snack food
Available as MURI in least price

It’s tasty it’s good
An old village art
Available as Food

It’s an integral life’s part
In the village of India
In the form of food art


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Navaratri – Nine Nights Celebrating the Goddess


Through the Peacock's Eyes

goddessNavaratri means nine nights, from navam, नवम्, nine, and ratri, रात्रि, night, in Sanskrit. This festival is celebrated twice each year, in the Autumn and the Spring. In Spring Navaratri begins when the Moon enters the Nakshatra Ashwini at 0° in Mesha/Aries in the Sidereal Zodiac (Vedic Astrology/Jyotisha). Autumn Navararti begins when the Moon enters the Nakshatra Chitra at 23°20′ in Virgo/Kanya. For my location on the west coast of the US, this transit of the Moon occurs at 7:11 am tomorrow September 25th.

Navaratri is a celebration to honor the Divine Mother/Shakti. The nine nights can be broken down to honor the nine names of the Divine Mother in the form of Durga, but more commonly Navaratri is celebrated by breaking down the nine nights into three nights of devotion to the three emanations of Shakti – Kali/Durga, the fierce goddess of time, death, and destruction; Lakshmi –…

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Top that #12

beautiful sand sculptor


So, time's nearly up & you still haven't managed to master anything beyond the bucket & spade level. Well there's a few days left, so no pressure.... So, time’s nearly up & you still haven’t managed to master anything beyond the bucket & spade level. Well there’s a few days left, so no pressure….

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Once in a while…..

In Memory Of The Egyptian Singer Um – Kalthom ! /She Was Maria Callas Of the Arab World.(Hayati=My Life)

Life of Body&Soul


My love ,my hope ,my life’

You are more precious even than my eyes.

You are my Yesterday , my today ,my tomorrow ,

My forever and ever only love.

All my wishes ,you made them come true.

l never felt so much loved only by you.

l never felt so much yearning, affection ,

And compassion ,only when l am next to you.

l never loved my life ,till l met you and for you.

l am living my life all over again ,embracing you.

You are  closer to me than me even ,

Closer  than  my  soul   t o o.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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