Real Differences

master piece



When those silent, ever-present, guardian angels are invited, and allowed, to participate in our affairs, then all of life’s little lessons generate joyous outcomes.

The spectrum of emotional challenges which our souls may encounter, are experienced as being more or less overwhelming, depending upon how far we are straying from centre.

Without going out of my door

I can know all things on earth

With out looking out of my window

I can know the ways of heaven

The farther one travels

The less one knows

The less one really knows

Those who are missed by many whom they have never met, except through their computer screens, will surely collect many fine souvenirs, when they pass, to remind them of how well their lives were lived.


From the centre look outwards, then from the circle look inwards. Yin becomes Yang becomes Yin; ad infinitum. Removing attention from these particulars, absorb…

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