Land of Lincoln – Literally!

The Chicago Files

Lincoln Home 2 Sept 2014

With perfect blue skies and temperatures to write home about, we had the pleasure of visiting the Illinois State Capital of Springfield, and home of President Abraham Lincoln.  Speaking of “home”, Lincoln purchased the home shown in the above photo in 1844 for $1,200.  He and his wife (Mary) lived there for 17 years.  They had four children (all boys), but only one child survived until adulthood.  This is the one and only home Lincoln ever bought.

I love the fact the National Park Service allows the public to go into Lincoln’s home, because it really does provide a sense of connection to this iconic and cherished President.  Park Rangers guide the tours, which last about 15 minutes.  I wanted so desperately to break away from ‘the pack’ and take it all in for myself.  Yes, a selfish sentiment on my part, but perhaps you might feel the same should…

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